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Performing Under Pressure

This resource looks at how people create strategies to help them cope with pressure and stressful situations such as performing in front of others or taking examinations. Psychologists have looked at how sportsmen and women cope with pressure to see if the strategies they use would also work for ordinary people. As...

Social Research: How Does It Work? What Is Research For?

This resource looks at what social researchers do and why they do it. Research is recognised as vital for expanding our knowledge, providing vital information for government and other agencies, as well as helping us to understand our own society and those societies which are beyond our own experience.


What Makes Good Research?

This resource explains how important it is that social research is conducted in a scientific way, following definite rules that have been developed over time with the aim of ensuring that the results are not just the product of the researcher’s own beliefs.

The paper stresses the importance of research being...

Ethics: Participants' Interests, Confidentiality and Consent

This resource looks at research ethics and the importance of confidentiality in research projects. Researchers must be aware of ethical issues and the effects that their research can have on research participants.

The information sheet raises questions that can be debated in classroom lessons and encourages...

Case Study: the Family, Continuity and Change

This resource presents a case study showing how one project used qualitative and quantitative methods of research to discover how much families have changed over the decades since the 1960s.

The case study shows how ethnographic research, studying people in their own environment, is conducted. Data gathered...

The Dolls of Confusion

This Catalyst article investigates how humans can misjudge the weights of small dense objects and large, light objects and how their perception of weight is easily fooled.

The article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2014, Volume 24, Issue 3.


D&T teachers CPD survey

Published in September 2010, this summary of an online survey looks at design and technology (D&T) teachers’ attitudes towards CPD.

The full collection of STEM Learning impact and evaluation research reports can be viewed here

Evaluation of the impact of ENTHUSE partnerships: draft interim report

Published in January 2015, this...

Evaluation of the impact of Myscience CPD programmes in STEM leadership on primary and secondary schools

Published in November 2014, this summary report (based on research conducted by the National Foundation for Educational Research) investigates the impact of a range of STEM leadership CPD programmes targeted at leaders and teachers of STEM subjects in primary and secondary schools and colleges.

The full...

Evaluation of the impact of National Science Learning Network CPD on schools

Published in October 2015, this report from the ISOS Partnership is an evaluation of the impact and benefits of schools engaging with subject-specific science continuing professional development (CPD) from the National Science Learning Network (NSLN) and the National STEM Centre (STEM Learning).

The full...


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