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Hardware theory: storage device top trumps

Students will need to be given various aspects of both secondary storage devices and what is expected of them in terms of creating the top trumps themselves. As background to the task the teacher needs to start by explaining the three main types of secondary storage magnetic, optical and solid state.


Lookouts Activity 2: Spot the Plant

In this resource aimed at younger primary learners, children learn how to identify and name common plants. The activities contain a thinking walk where children are challenged to find a selection plants by matching them to The Great Plant Hunt Identikit provided. They record details about where they found the...

Just Add Water

Aimed at primary level, the seventeen activities this pack investigate science around the theme of water. They link to the topics of states of matter, materials, electricity and area of design and technology and geography.

The activities include: creating a model of the water cycle, demonstrating surface...

Make a Game Project

In this multi-lesson project pupils design and code a computer game. It uses a rainforest theme but can be adapted to any topic, with learners of varying age or ability.

The project includes:

  • Decomposition of the elements of a game
  • Designing the game
  • Creating assets for the...

Suspended Ice

This video from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), aimed at primary teachers, demonstrates an experiment on density which may be used when learning about separating mixtures and the properties of liquids. Oil, water and an ice cube are all put in a clear container and the resulting levels compared. The oil...

Esters and Perfumes *suitable for home teaching*

This film, from Twig World, looks at esters which occur in nature and have been harnessed by the perfume industry. It explores what esters are and how are they made and used.

The key points in the film are:

•Esters give many fruits their scents, including bananas, lavender and pineapples.


What's Your Limit?

Conditions on other planets are unlikely to be within the same ranges as that experienced by Earth. However, a degree of variance from ‘ideal’ ranges may be tolerable for a small number of organisms known as extremophiles. This investigation looks at the effects of subjecting a living organism (yeast) to some...

Charlie & the C Monsters

‘Charlie & the C Monsters’ is a free 6m: 40s film (or series of 1m short films) and a print-your-own A4 16-page comic/colouring book that explain without words what you need to know about how Covid-19 is spread and prevented. With a story by ...

Keeping Covid Away: Covid-19 comic and worksheet/drawing challenge

The comic (available in 11 languages!) tells the story of Covid. What is it doing in town? How can we stop it sticking onto us and jumping onto others?

The associated worksheet includes a dot-to-dot activity...

Skills Builder Toolkit

The Skills Builder Toolkit draws together the best thinking and experience around building essential skills from educators, employers and other skills-building organisations. It turns skills that can often seem hazy into a consistent set of eight transferable skills:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • ...


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