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Wearing Electronics

This Catalyst article investigates how polymer materials can be designed and printed with electrical properties that allow them to be used in wearable electronic devices. The article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2015, Volume 26, Issue 2.


Programable Logic Controllers [PLCs]

Industrial processes rely on PLCs to control everything from water treatment to nuclear power stations. Our organisation uses hardware rigs to assemble, measure and check components and allows candidates to watch the programs being excicuted and observe the results of making changes to the code.

See the rigs...

Born to Engineer - Mathew Holloway

Engineer Matt Holloway and his team have designed and built a robot designed to get into small spaces that can insulate your home. A robot literally designed keep you warm through the long cold winter nights.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Produced for Future Morph, this resource includes a video in which a student talks about his course in electrical and electronic engineering. He describes how one project was to make and test a circuit that included a light-sensitive resistor. A second activity describes a class experiment...

Virtual Sport

In this video from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), engineers explain the technology behind Wii controllers. Micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) is the technology behind games console controllers and products like air bags. New applications for this technology are being found daily, and...

STEM and STEAM for Cartography

Mini Map Makers is creating a Poster for STEM and STEAM for Cartography. How Cartography interacts with the elements! 

This is working progress and a draft copy will be out soon!

Head of engineering

This video presents James, head of engineering for a radio company. James discusses how after finishing school he didn't know what to study at university. After discovering a passion for sound engineering he went on to study it further, and how he was offered the role of junior engineer....

Head of device and sim technology

Eddie is the head of device and sim technology at Vodafone UK, his discusses his role in this video. Eddie and his team make sure customers’ handsets works with Vodafone's network. He aims to provide a good customer experience as well as working with the latest technology. He did well at school and studied maths,...

Energy Trilemma Activities

There is a delicate balance between the three main areas of our energy future; security, accessibility and sustainability. This is known as the energy trilemma. How we manage these areas is a tricky task.


The Emotional Computer

Can computers understand emotions? Can computers express emotions? Can they feel emotions? This video, from the University of Cambridge, examines the research of Professor Peter Robinson exploring how emotions can be used to improve interaction between humans and computers.

The research team is collaborating...


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