British ESA astronaut Tim Peake invites UK children to exercise alongside him as he trains two hours a day on the highest and fastest gym in the Universe – travelling at 27,600 km per hour and circling the world every 90 minutes. The triathlon styled challenge encourages schools to create their own ‘spaceathlons’ – a trio of space, sport and science activities using the resources in this collection.



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Space to Earth Astronaut Training

Tim Peake is a European Space Agency astronaut. This resource gives background to Tim’s training leading up to his mission in 2015/16 to the International Space Station. Tim is shown in survival training, in the swimming pool training for microgravity, and in the centrifuge at the European Astronaut Centre to...

Training in Space

In this activity pupils will be able to discuss various ways of simulating gravity in space and the importance for maintaining a healthy body for the return to Earth. Working in teams of four, pupils should choose their favourite exercise or sport and adapt it for space. They should identify the forces required for...

Preparing for Space

For the g-forces activity pupils will be able to discuss how astronauts use forces to simulate the effect of launch and landing on their bodies, when preparing to go into space. The pupils look at the forces on a ball at the end of a piece of elastic and discuss the forces on an Astronaut in a centrifuge. For the...

Extremes of Temperature

This resource looks at extremes of temperature on the Earth, and inside and outside the International Space Station. Students must find data, draw bar graphs and perform conversions from Fahrenheit to Celsius.