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The Future Morph website provides a range of careers-related contexts to support teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The materials help students to understand the relevance of STEM subjects to a wide range of career routes, many of which they do not necessarily associate with these subjects. The resources include short video profiles of people who use STEM in their job. Each video is linked to a practical activity suggested in the accompanying resources booklet and teachers' notes.


Future Morph: Chief Scientific Officer (Raptor Biologist)

In this Future Morph video, scientific officer Campbell Murn talks about his work with birds of prey at the Hawk Conservancy Trust. He works as a biologist involved with the conservation, rehabilitation and education programmes run by the trust. Campbell describes some of his activities which include surveying...

Future Morph: Weather Forecaster

In this Future Morph video, TV weather forecaster Chris Fawkes talks about how computer-generated models of the atmosphere are used in weather forecasting and how the models compare with actual measurements. Chris describes how the models give a range of detailed predictions and how these are used, along with...

Future Morph: Theatre Technician

In this Future Morph video Suresh Chawla talks about designing, building and moving stage scenery. Suresh explains how working in the theatre challenges him to solve design problems and build useable solutions. He describes how scenery must be light and strong before explaining how some pieces are moved with pulley...

Future Morph: Glass Artist

In this Future Morph video, glass artist Nina Gronw-Lewis talks about how she uses science and mathematics to make glass jewellery and run her small business. She recalls memories of her school science before describing the process of making and firing glass jewellery. This requires an understanding of how to...


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