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This is Engineering: robot maker

This resource is an interview with Halvard - a robot maker.

"Halvard grew up in Norway surrounded by farms and playing with Lego. As a Robotics Engineer, he combines his love for nature and putting things together to create robots that will revolutionise farming.

As a child, Halvard loved the...

Tim Peake

This video is a message to ESERO-UK from European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake. He talks about studying STEM subjects and how he became an astronaut. The video includes images of a launch, Tim engaging in various astronaut training exercises and the International Space Station, where Tim will be for six months...

A day in the life of UK space scientists and engineers

These videos provide an insight into the working lives of seven different space scientists and engineers in the UK. Each video has an associated file with suggested ideas of how you could use the videos in a lesson, posing questions to the students based on the videos and presenting ideas for research projects and...

Engineering Careers - Principal Engineer

In this inspiring video, John Eldridge who is a Principal Engineer explains why curiosity is so important when it comes to STEM skills.  He also discusses that this job is being involved with some of the biggest machines on Earth and the varied routes you can take to get into engineering.


Engineering Careers - Mechanical Design Engineer

In this video Sam Creed discusses how playing with Lego in his youth sparked his interest in engineering and how those skills and experiences still apply in his role today.  He also touches upon problem solving and how building 'big robots' can be really satisfying.  


Engineering Careers - Apprentice Mechanical Fitter

In this video Dean Scaife talks about the skills he needs as he works as an Apprentice Mechanical Fitter.  He discusses why his job is important in the overall scheme of the ship build and how he can apply the skills he uses in his job to his everyday home life.  He also speaks about properties of metals and other...

Engineering Careers - Foreman Fitter

Stephen Turpin is a Foreman Fitter who has worked his way up through the ranks to his current role.  Here he talks about how he climbed up the career ladder and why maths, physics and chemistry is important in his role.  He also talks about the importance of ship design and the satisfaction of seeing the ship sail...

Engineering careers - Naval architect

In this video you hear from Matt Slater who is a Naval Architect.  He talks about what his job entails such as ship design and ship building, along with how team work is important and other skills such as IT fits into his role.


Principia Space Diary videos

This collection of short videos features different people who work in space related careers or who have been involved in the creation of the space diary. They introduce themselves and the job they do and provide an insight into different aspects of space exploration linked to the...

Fera resources: classification

This KS2 resource supports learning about how living things can be classified into groups scientifically. Activities are based around tasks carried out in the ‘real world’ by scientists working for organisations such as Fera.

Activities include:



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