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Penguin Diversity: Mask Making (Age 5-7)

Through this fun and creative activity, from the ARKive collection, students learn about the different types of penguin species and how they have adapted, physically and behaviourally, to live in different environments. Each student is provided with the materials to make a mask showing one species of penguin, which...

Kidney Failure

In this SATIS Revisited resource students look at the role of the kidney and treatment of kidney failure by dialysis and with transplants, and explore issues around the shortage of donor organs in the UK.

In 2010 the number of individuals requiring kidney transplants in the UK was approximately 8000 people....

Carbon Footprints and the Greenhouse Effect

In this SATIS Revisited resource students consider the factors that contribute to the greenhouse effect, the possible effects of global warming, and how they as individuals are contributing to carbon dioxide emissions.

Climate change is affecting the natural world. The distribution of some species appears to...

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