Carbon Footprints and the Greenhouse Effect

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In this SATIS Revisited resource students consider the factors that contribute to the greenhouse effect, the possible effects of global warming, and how they as individuals are contributing to carbon dioxide emissions.

Climate change is affecting the natural world. The distribution of some species appears to be changing and so does their behaviour, for example bears have stopped hibernating in the mountains of northern Spain.

Whilst the ‘greenhouse effect’ makes our planet warm enough to support life, an increase in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide fromburning fossil fuels, rice paddies, landfill sites and cattle, can contribute to global warming.

Most scientists agree that the mean global temperature has risen by at least 0.6 °C during the past century. Recent predictions suggested that global temperatures may rise between 1.4 °C and 5.8 °C by 2100.

Contents of this unit:

Unit overview
Guidance for teachers

What do you know?

*What do you know? question sheet
*What do you know? answer sheet

JJ needs your help

*Activity sheet – JJ needs your help, student worksheet
*Information sheet A – The greenhouse effect
*Information sheet B – The greenhouse effect (simplified version)

Does it matter? TV programme

*Activity sheet – Does it matter?
*Role cards A
*Role cards B (with prompts for support)

Making a difference? Board game

*Making a difference board
*Making a difference cards (48)

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