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These resources aim to support teachers who wish to carry out an action research project in the classroom to improve practice.

Academic research: pedagogy

Part of the Educational research in STEM subjects collection, this is a collection of academic research looking at pedagogy in STEM subjects. 


This is a collection of academic research papers, best practice evidence, case studies of action research in schools, reviews of education research and reports related to educational research in the STEM subjects.

For ease of use, the collection has been divided into three sections:


The materials in this collection, funded by Research Councils UK, were designed to support the use of cutting edge research in the classroom and to compliment the Cutting Edge Science Programme.

The Cutting Edge Science programme, organised by the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, was created with...

Christmas demonstrations

This series of science experiments is demonstrated by Simon Quinnell, a Professional Development Leader at the National STEM Learning Centre and Network. The experiments are presented as Christmas table demonstrations, using household equipment, but are also suitable for use in the classroom at both primary and...

Triple science support

Triple science support helps schools, managers and teachers plan, develop and deliver Triple Science GCSEs. The programme offers schools training, consultancy, networking opportunities, resources and publications. This collection contains some of the materials that are useful in the delivery, development and...

Linear Assessment iBook

The Linear Assessment iBook, produced by the National Science Learning Network for triple science support, has been designed to help teachers to develop their delivery of Triple Science so that students are successful in examinations which involve linear assessment.

Many of the aspects considered in the...

Teachers as researchers

Part of the Educational research in STEM subjects main collection, this is a collection of school case studies from teachers who have carried out their own research to improve student outcomes, or...

STEM Learning Magazine

Published termly and supporting the primary, secondary and further education sector, these insightful magazines contain interviews, features, news, and tips on teaching and learning in STEM related subjects.

The STEM Learning magazines pull the expertise of the National STEM Learning Centre and Network and...

This set of learning activities supports learners to:

•Become more aware of how mathematics can contribute to successful completion of vocational tasks.

•Reflect on their personal mathematical learning experiences and identify some engaging starting points for their future learning.



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