Beginning teaching: best in class? High-quality initial teacher education for all teachers of mathematics in England

In this report, ACME considers the quality of initial teacher education and gives advice on how to ensure that trainees leave Initial Teacher Education (ITE) effectively equipped to begin their teaching careers in mathematics classrooms throughout England.

The report seeks to address a number of key questions including:

  • what makes for effective ITE of teachers of mathematics?
  • what mathematical understanding should entrants to ITE have?
  • what mathematics-specific content do trainees require?
  • What critical evaluation skills should trainees develop?
  • What should mentoring look like and what mentoring should a trainee be entitled to? 
  • How can a professional learning environment be fostered in ITE and during the first years of teaching?

The report concludes by considering a long-term strategic plan for the ITE of teachers of mathematics and planning for the future.

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