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These collection of diagrams include: Chapter 1: The Earth, e-m radiation absorption in the atmosphere, features on the Moon, eclipse diagrams and shadow sticks. Chapter 2: Planetary data, conjunctions and opposition, Kepler’s second law, and exoplanet detection. Chapter 3: Views of the night sky and constellations...

Earth, Sun and Moon Presentations

These presentations cover the following topics:

Aurora - the link between the solar wind and aurorae

Blue skies and red sunsets - scattering and refraction

Craters - why the Moon and Mercury have more craters than the Earth

Different designs of telescopes - reflecting and refracting...

Galaxies and Cosmology Activity Sheets

The student activity sheets consist of a set of questions based on these topics: Active galaxies – active galaxies and quasars CMB radiation – cosmic microwave background radiation, dark matter and dark energy Did the Big Bang really happen? – students categorise statements for and against the Big Bang theory...

Galaxies and Cosmology Presentations

These presentations cover the following topics: Big Bang - how the idea of the expansion of the universe leads to the Big Bang and theories and evidence for the Big Bang Big getting small zoom - powers of ten zoom from large to small scale Cosmic distance scale automatic - a timed animated series of images with...

This collection has been compiled to provide teachers with a comprehensive set of ready-made teaching and learning resources to help them to plan and deliver Edexcel’s GCSE Astronomy specification for first teaching from 2009. The Toolkit includes numerous additions and key resources such as: • 240 Objective...

The full-colour fourth edition of GCSE Astronomy - A Guide for Pupils and Teachers is the ideal companion for students following Edexcel's new GCSE Astronomy specification for first examination June 2011.

This guide accompanies the GCSE Astronomy examination specification from Edexcel for first examination 2003.

This item is one of over 25,000 physical resources available from the Resources Collection. The Archive Collection covers over 50 years of curriculum development in the STEM subjects. The Contemporary Collection includes the latest publications from UK educational publishers.

Objective Questions

This resource has 60 multiple choice questions and answers for:

Earth, Sun and Moon - including topics such as the scale of the Earth and Moon, lunar features, phases of the Moon, lunar missions, the structure and temperature of the Sun, eclipses, and electromagnetic radiation through the...

Planetary Systems Activity Sheets

The student activity sheets consist of a set of questions based on these topics: Are we alone? – the Drake equation and habitable zones Asteroids, comets and meteors – including meteor showers and short and long period comets Collision course! – near Earth and potentially hazardous objects Exoplanets – methods for...


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