Earth, Sun and Moon Presentations

These presentations cover the following topics:

Aurora - the link between the solar wind and aurorae

Blue skies and red sunsets - scattering and refraction

Craters - why the Moon and Mercury have more craters than the Earth

Different designs of telescopes - reflecting and refracting telescopes

Ecliptic - how the plane of the ecliptic is defined

Equation of time - linking mean solar time to apparent solar time

Eratosthenes - using simple geometry to measure the circumference of the Earth

Giant impact - theories for the origin of the Moon

Local noon and longitudes - using the Sun to calculate longitude

Lunar features - some features of the Moon and its orbital and rotational period

Lunar phase vs orbital period - the difference between a new lunar phase and its orbital period

Lunar phases - an explanation of lunar phases

Maunder Butterfly Diagram - how sunspots progress over a solar cycle

Observing at different wavelengths - why different telescopes are required at different wavelengths

Observing the Sun and different wavelengths - How astronomers observe the Sun at different wavelengths

Seasons - how the tilt of the Earth causes the seasons

Solar and lunar eclipses - appearance and origins of solar and lunar eclipses

Solar and sidereal days - why a solar day is longer than a sidereal day

Sun and Moon seem same size - why the Sun and Moon appear the same size from the Earth

Tilt of the Earth - how the tilt of the Earth affects the motion of the Sun in the sky

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