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Animal Gestation Periods

This worksheet, aimed at primary compares the gestation periods of various animals. Children complete a table using secondary sources of information which look at gestation period, average number of offspring and the life span of the animal. They then answer questions which look at patterns in the data and go on to...

Animal Reproduction and Growth

Aimed at lower primary, this activity looks at how animals produce offspring which then develop into adults. It contains an activity where adult animals are matched to their offspring and a cut and paste activity which looks at stages in the lifecycle of a frog and the changes as it develops.

This resource...

Evolution - Darwin's Finches *suitable for home learning*

This worksheet, aimed at primary learners, looks at how finches in the Galapagos Islands have become adapted to suit the different environments in which they live. It provides an information sheet about the finches and questions to answer based on the sheet. It also contains pictures of six birds from around the...

Investigating Circuits

This resource provides a worksheet which may be used when investigating simple circuits. It contains example of circuits and asks children to predict whether or not a bulb will light up.

This resource has been provided by Sigma Science.

Investigating Rock Permeability

This resource contains an activity in which children test the permeability of various rocks. It contains a brief summary of the background knowledge and a sheet in which observations may be recorded and conclusions drawn from the test.

This resource has been provided by Sigma Science.

Materials *suitable for home teaching*

This resource, aimed at primary learners, provides several activity sheets which support the teaching of everyday materials and their uses. The sheets, which could be used in class or for homework, look at identifying materials common objects are made from and discussing their uses, natural and manufactured...

Properties and Changes of Materials *suitable for home teaching*

Aimed at upper primary level, this resource contains activity ideas and worksheets which support the teaching of materials and their properties. They cover many aspects of the topic including: comparing the properties of different materials, separating mixtures of materials based on their properties, irreversible...

Seasonal Changes

This resource aimed at lower primary level looks at how weather and daylight length change with the different season. It consists of a template for a four seasons disc, which shows four different times in the day and what we may observe at these times during the different seasons. Key vocabulary is provided which...

Sigma Science

This collection contains a selection of activity ideas, worksheets and assessment sheets linked to the new primary curriculum. The topics covered are: seasonal changes, animal reproduction, sound, electricity, materials, rocks and Evolution.

Sigma Science Christmas Booklets

These two seasonally themed booklets support many aspects of science for primary learners. The activity sheets could form the basis of practical work in class or be used to revise various topics. One booklet provides activities aimed at younger children, the second at older learners. the activities are:



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