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This collection contains a selection of activity ideas, worksheets and assessment sheets linked to the new primary curriculum. The topics covered are: seasonal changes, animal reproduction, sound, electricity, materials, rocks and Evolution.



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Animal Reproduction and Growth

Aimed at lower primary, this activity looks at how animals produce offspring which then develop into adults. It contains an activity where adult animals are matched to their offspring and a cut and paste activity which looks at stages in the lifecycle of a frog and the changes as it develops.

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Investigating Rock Permeability

This resource contains an activity in which children test the permeability of various rocks. It contains a brief summary of the background knowledge and a sheet in which observations may be recorded and conclusions drawn from the test.

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Investigating Circuits

This resource provides a worksheet which may be used when investigating simple circuits. It contains example of circuits and asks children to predict whether or not a bulb will light up.

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Testing Sound and Distance

This resource provides an activity idea and a recording sheet for testing how sound travels away from a source. In the activity children learn to recognise that the sound heard from a source gets fainter as the distance from the source increases.

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