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This collection of SAPS resources includes  recommended plant practicals for 14-16 biology, covering a range of topics including photosynthesis, cells, germination, totipotency and ecology. These practicals are reliable, affordable, and engaging for students.



Gel Electrophoresis of DNA

Produced by Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS), this activity enables students to look at the gel electrophoresis of DNA treated with restriction enzymes. It will help to develop a knowledge and understanding of the cutting of DNA with restriction enzymes.


Gene technologies article

This resource looks at the development of genetic modification, genome editing and CRISPR, and where these technologies might lead. 

New genetic engineering technologies offer exciting opportunities to speed up the traditional plant breeding process and generate high-yielding, disease-resistant, climate...

Genetics, Genomics and Food Security

This 5-minute video interview with Dr Cristobal Uauy of the John Innes Centre introduces post-16 students to contemporary genomics and food security.

Dr Cristobal Uauy is passionate about helping the world’s...

GFP and Reporter Proteins

This video interview with Professor John Christie of the University of Glasgow, introduces students to fluorescent reporter proteins and their importance to our understanding of cell biology.

GFP – the protein that allows jellyfish to glow their...

Green Genes – DNA Inside Chloroplasts

One of a series of articles for post-16 students published by Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS). Chloroplasts evolved from photosynthetic bacteria and contain DNA encoding a remnant of their original bacterial genes. 

This booklet discusses how the study of chloroplast genes has helped biologists...

Grouping and Classification *suitable for home teaching*

Aimed at primary level, this resource links to the topics of plants and living things and their habitats.The activities are designed to build on earlier knowledge and develop ideas and skills within grouping and classification. They start with activities which help...

Growing Pollen Tubes

One of a series of resources from Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS) investigating key topics in plant biology. An enjoyable and thought-provoking introduction to the topic of sexual reproduction in plants. Students observe in real time the growth of a pollen tube, over the course of a lesson. When a pollen...

Growth, Mitosis and Differentiation in Plants

This animation shows the processes of growth in plants at the cellular level. It demonstrates how growth occurs at specific regions within the plant, how cells divide by mitosis, and how cells become specialised into different tissues...

Gum Fun: Investigating Plant Gums

Plant gums are often used in the food industry as thickening and stabilising agents. Gums are water soluble polysaccharides, such as starch and cellulose. In this activity, students investigate what happens to the texture when different polysaccharides are mixed.

When solutions of some polysaccharides are...


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