GCSE biology: recommended practicals using plants

This collection of SAPS resources includes  recommended plant practicals for 14-16 biology, covering a range of topics including photosynthesis, cells, germination, totipotency and ecology. These practicals are reliable, affordable, and engaging for students.





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Algal Balls - Photosynthesis Using Algae Wrapped in Jelly Balls

This reliable practical allows students to use algae to look at the rate of photosynthesis with quantifiable and replicable results. In this protocol, the green alga Scenedesmus quadricauda is immobilised in alginate beads. Changes in the colour of hydrogen carbonate indicator solution (also called...

Cabomba: Investigating Photosynthesis with Bubbling Pondweed

This resource describes the use of Cabomba to investigate the effect of light intensity in photosynthesis. The video demonstrates how best to use this protocol with students in the lab, supported by student sheets with four different investigations, technical notes and...

Cauliflower Cloning

This video introduces a reliable technique to demonstrate tissue culture and totipotency, and shows how best to use this protocol with your students.

Unlike animal cells, many plant cells are totipotent, meaning that...

Tackling Tropisms: Gravitropism and Phototropism

This set of demonstrations into the effects of tropisms on seedlings is both simple and extendable. Seeds sown on damp cotton wool in Petri dishes are grown either flat, or stuck vertically to a wall, showing the different effects of gravitropism. After a week, students...