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Introduction to Future Morph Resources

This set of resources provided by Future Morph has been produced to help teachers use the world of work as a context for their teaching. They aim to engage students in STEM subjects and show them how the knowledge of those subjects relate to everyday life. This resource comprises of:


Medical Compression

In this activity, students investigate the uses of materials and fabrics in medical applications, such as pressure bandages for burns injuries and anti-embolism stockings for deep vein thrombosis. The students make their own pressure sensor using different types of fabric. They then calibrate their sensor and...

The Future Morph website was created in 2008 by the Science Council to provide a range of careers-related contexts to support teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The materials helped students to understand the relevance of STEM subjects to a wide range of career routes, many of...

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