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This set of resources provided by Future Morph has been produced to help teachers use the world of work as a context for their teaching. They aim to engage students in STEM subjects and show them how the knowledge of those subjects relate to everyday life. This resource comprises of:

Resources booklet This organises the Future Morph case studies into themes, provides an overview of the teachers’ notes, gives a brief description of the practical activities and suggests cross-curricular links. Future Morph case studies featured in this collection are: Chief Scientific Officer (Raptor Biologist), Bakery ManagerWeather ForecasterJournalistPrimary School TeacherPhysiotherapistGlass ArtistClient Development Manager, Theatre Technician, Timber Framer .

Sport assembly Material focusing on the use of science to develop a new body suit that improves performance in competitive swimming. It introduces ideas about the global nature of scientific research, the use of science in a commercial context and ethical issues of whether sport performance should be technologically enhanced. An introductory text describing the development of a new swimsuit and a set of role-play cards are included.

Swimsuit presentation  Describes the development of new swim suits for Olympic Games and the effect these suits have had on these competitions. This presentation forms part of the Sport assembly material.

DNA assembly Introduces forensic science as a career choice and explores how the development of DNA fingerprinting technology has effected forensic science. A text describing the first forensic use of DNA profiling and a list of websites for careers in forensics are provided.

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