100 commonly asked question in math class: answers that promote mathematical understanding, grades 6-12

100 ways to get students hooked on math! It happens to the best of us: that one question that's got you stumped. Or maybe you have the answer, but it's not all that compelling or convincing. Al Posamentier and his coauthors to the rescue with this handy reference containing fun answers to students' 100 most frequently asked math questions. Even if you already have the answers, Al's explanations are certain to keep kids hooked-and that's what it's all about. The questions are all organized around the Common Core's math content standards and relate directly to Numbers and Quantity, Functions, Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. The big benefits? You'll discover high-interest ways to: Teach inquiry and process in mathematical thinking Encourage flexibility in problem solving Emphasize efficient test-taking strategies Provide practical applications from mathematics, education, and human development research Build students' procedural skills and conceptual understanding

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Author(s)Alfred S Posamentier, William Farber, Terri L Germain-Williams, Elaine Paris, Bernd Thaller, Ingmar Lehmann
Age11-14, 14-16
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Shelf referenceMA2 POS
Direct URLhttps://www.stem.org.uk/x8qy8

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