Sugar challenge 4

This Association for Science Education (ASE) publication called Sugar Challenge was developed in association with British Sugar plc. At the time the company operated from 13 factories, all within the beet producing regions of the West Midlands and Eastern England, and supplied approximately half of Britain's sugar, either direct to the retail market, or to the food industry to be used in the manufacture of food and drinks.

The challenge was to extract sugar crystals from sugar beet. The booklet contained guidance for teachers and notes for students. It was aimed at students aged 11 to 14.

Teachers’ Guide
1. Industrial background
2. Educational scope
3. Notes on the experiment
(a) Materials
(b) Getting started
(c) Method and classroom tips

Students’ Notes
The problem
The scientific way of solving problems
Clues 1-8
1. The sugar factory plan
2. The sugar beet plant
3. Dissolving
4. Removing solids from liquids
5. pH, measuring pH, and testing pH
6. 'Lime' fact file
7. Getting rid of water
8. Making crystals

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