Connecting science: pupil's guide

'Connecting science' is a new enquiry-based course that offers complete flexibility to enable personalised learning across Key Stage 3. The student's guide provides complete coverage of Key Stage 3 science in a single reference volume.

The teachers guides provide plans for core and options lessons matched to the student's guide topics, while the lesson builder tool within dynamic learning enables complete flexibility in lesson design and activity choice.

Students use the guide to look up key facts and explanations, when working on tasks independently or in groups. Each spread combines detailed illustrations with clear explanations of key scientific ideas and models. Practical and enquiry skills and understanding evidence are developed in a range of contexts, emphasising the importance of science in everyday life.

'Things to think about' boxes fire students curiosity and encourage them to find explanations and ask further questions. The website also gives students access to:

  • An interactive copy of the student's guide¬†that is fully searchable
  • Self-assessment checklist of targets for each topic
  • Background information and suggested, vetted weblinks.

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Author(s)Mark Edwards, Sue Hocking, Beverly Rickwood
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