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Kitemarked by the TTA Primary Science is a comprehensive guide to the subject knowledge requirements for the teaching of science in the primary school. It consists of activities to help the reader extend their own understanding of science.

Part One explores understanding the nature of science, processes of planning, carrying out and evaluating scientific investigations, collecting and using data, hypothesizing, predicting, fair testing, use of correct terminology and understanding health and safety as well as key ideas in science that underpin subject knowledge.

Part Two builds on these ideas as it explores in more detail life and living processes, electricity and magnetism, light, sound and the earth in space. This text is part of the series.

 Developing Subject Knowledge which covers English, Mathematics and Science and provides authoritative distance learning materials on the national requirements for teaching the primary core curriculum and achieving qualified teacher status. It is designed for initial teacher training; experienced practitioner self-study, and will help towards GCSE revision.

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Author(s)Jane Devereux
Age5-7, 7-11
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