Understanding primary science: ideas, concepts and explanations

In a thoroughly revised and updated version, this standard reference book provides the background knowledge teachers need in order to plan effective programmes of work and answer children's questions with confidence. It is based on the belief that children learn most effectively when they can interpret their own experiences and investigation in scientific terms. The content of this book has been guided, but not limited, by the National Curriculum (NC) and the detailed requirements for teacher knowledge of the Teacher Training Agency (TTA).

It sets out the facts, develops the concepts and explains the theories which pupils at primary level, including older and very able children, are likely to need in order to understand the observations and investigations they undertake. For this edition some new topics have been added, in response not only to TTA requirements and ongoing developments in science and technology, but also to the queries of children and teachers about observations they find relevant and puzzling. Throughout, topics are developed in ways which teachers and children can relate to their own experience. The text does not assume specialised scientific knowledge and, wherever possible, explanations and the development of ideas begin and remain firmly in contact with everyday events and observations.

What is assumed is that readers will be willing to try things out for themselves and think afresh, in scientific terms, about experiences they and their pupils now take for granted. As a work of reference to answer specific questions and clarify ideas, or as a resource for planning an effective primary science programme, this is an essential book for teachers, student teachers and anyone interested in the roots and growth of science education.

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Author(s)Martin Wenham
Age5-7, 7-11
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Shelf referenceA 372.36 WEN
Direct URLhttps://www.stem.org.uk/x857s

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