Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges (bronze level)

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This CREST Bronze level resource pack contains nine different project ideas to allow students to investigate the four Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges of Ageing Society, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Future of Mobility and Clean Growth which also includes the effects of Climate Change. The four global trends that the government believe the UK should be at the forefront of tackling today and in the future.

The project ideas and briefs are:                                                                                                                               

• How can you create a trustworthy machine (AI and data)
• Wind power (Clean Growth and Climate Control)
• Fighting fires with the Internet of Things (AI and data)
• Debating digital privacy (AI and data)
• Accessible messenger (Ageing Society and AI)
• Create an App for Good (AI, Ageing Society, Clean Growth and Future of Mobility)
• A Home for Everyone (Ageing Society, Clean Growth and Future of Mobility)
• Design a waste free lunch (Clean Growth)
• Future jobs (AI, Ageing Society, Clean Growth and Future of Mobility)

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