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A balanced diet - what’s in a food?

 Students test a range of foods to find out if they contain protein, fat, reducing sugar and calculate how much energy is in each of the foods. Food tests include:

• Protein content - Biuret test

• Fat content – Emulsion test

• Reducing sugar content – Benedict’s test

• Starch content –...

Accident investigation - a clean break?

In this activity, students study...

All at sea - which fabrics are best for sailing clothing?

In this project, students investigate and compare the waterproof and breathability properties of a range of fabrics used in clothing designed for sailing. They will find out about the different fabrics used in wet weather sailing gear. In particular, how breathable waterproofs work and what advantages and...

Animals Over Winter

This resource is part of the Polar Explorer Resource Collection.

Children will think about the different survival strategies animals in temperate regions employ in order to survive through the winter. Children will compare these...

Bronze award: Bath bomb challenge

An investigation to find out how to make the most fizzy bath bomb using citric acid and baking soda.

Bronze award: design a game controller

In this project, students need to research all the various types of controllers available and set about designing their own. They are not expected to be able to design and make the electronic circuitry to make them work, but they can make a scale model of their design. 

Bronze award: design and make a wooden pendant

In this project students' goal is to design and make a wooden pendant necklace for a friend. They will cut and shape wood to make the pendant and look at different ways of colouring it. Students will also decide which material to use for the necklace chain.

Bronze Award: Future Travel

 These materials look at three possible projects that relate to sustainable travel.

* Communications project - students gather information and explain about ‘green’ transport policies, reducing and offsetting carbon footprints.

* Practical project - students investigate how to compare carbon dioxide...

Bronze award: How do nutrients affect plant growth?

Despite the high rate of growth in rainforests the soil is poor in nutrients. The nutrients have been washed out of the soils by heavy rainfall. In this project, students are going to investigate how the nutrients in compost affect the rate of growth of seedlings.

Bronze award: How do rockets work?

 In this activity students build a model rocket from a kit and test it works

They can investigate the effect of differing engine size or measure the maximum altitude reached by a rocket by using a clinometer and a long tape measure or trundle wheel ...


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