Lesson 3 - Taking Shortcuts

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Computer scientists shouldn’t work too hard! The benefit of using a computer is that it is a device that allows the easy editing of content. It is not like writing an essay on a sheet of A4 where any small mistake or change requires the work to be reproduced again. Computer scientists like to find efficient ways to automate what they do and in this lesson learners will see that CSS is a more efficient way of styling HTML documents.

Learners will begin by recapping how formatting is controlled using inline HTML formatting. They will appreciate that this approach is time consuming and allows inconsistencies in design to manifest. Learners will start to experiment with using CSS to format tags in a HTML document. They will then progress on to applying their own formatting schemes to work they have already created. As they become more experienced in the structure of CSS learners should look to extend their knowledge by researching the numerous attributes that can be controlled by CSS.

This lesson is the third in a six session teaching unit provided by the National Centre for Computing Education.


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