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Rocket Science is centred around a UK wide practical schools’ experiment. This experiment is an interactive way to get students thinking about how plants might grow in space.

There are three curriculum linked activities in this resource:

Plan an Astro Garden

Students will plan a garden on Earth to provide quick growing, tasty crops to feed an astronaut. The Astro Garden includes a wide range of plants, and could be planted up as part of the school garden. It focuses on Maths skills alongside food growing and healthy eating.

People Need Plants in Space

Students will write an article, poem or packing list to show how people are dependent on plants for their survival in space as on Earth. Literacy skills are key to these activities in addition to knowledge about human dependence on plants for survival and research into the Martian environment.

Grow plants on Mars: Design and Make a Structure

Students will design and make a structure that can withstand the challenging Martian environment and enable astronauts to grow edible plants. Art, Design and Technology skills form the basis of this activity. Students also need to have an understanding of plant growth requirements. They will gain knowledge from Martian fact cards which are provided in this pack.

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