Secondary and A level science

A range of resources, hand-picked by our subject experts, which are designed to give you new ideas and inspiration for your science lessons.

Home teaching resources: To support teachers to continue educating young people while they are at home, we have developed a range of materials, including free resources, tips from our subject experts and professional development opportunities.


11-14 science
A selection of hand-picked resources covering all the statements in the key stage 3 programme of study.
14-16 science
A selection of hand-picked resources covering all the statements in the key stage 4 programme of study.
A level science
Packages of hand-picked resources covering the subject content for A level sciences, with advice and guidance from subject specialists.
Funded by The Salters' Institute, Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST) is a new collection of research-informed teaching and learning resources.
Explore our range of resources available to teachers and technicians for planning practical science lessons.
Inspirational ideas, practical tips and guidance, evidence-based best practice and ready to use classroom resources to help you meet the Teachers' Standards.
Advice and guidance on the teaching of the more rigorous mathematics content of the separate science GCSEs.
Be inspired by the range of ways you can integrate engineering into your science curriculum.
The science of learning draws upon educational neuroscience and psychology to help you gain an insight into how students learn.
Use the context of space to inspire and engage students with STEM subjects.
From artificial intelligence to future mobility, the Industrial Strategy sets out four key Grand Challenge themes. Each challenge offers an opportunity to engage and inspire young people.
A selection of resources, programmes and guidance to help you provide the best possible support to young people.

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