Big Schools' Birdwatch Survey

This resource provides recording sheets for spotting different kinds of birds, supporting children to identify and count the number of different birds that they see. Containing pictures of commonly seen garden birds, they are differentiated for different year groups and/or abilities within a class. Welsh language versions of the sheets have also been provided.

This activity is part of the Big Schools’ Birdwatch pack, provided by the RSPB. This event is run annually and schools are encouraged to take part, however the activities may also be used independent of the larger survey at other times of the year.

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We used the 5-7 chart with our Reception class during this year's Big Schools Birdwatch. It was nice to have a ready made resource to pick up and use. One suggestion I would make is to add carrion crows to the checklists, as they were the most common bird at our school and the children were a little frustrated there was nowhere 'proper' to record it!