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GO: how we travel, why and where we go

GO asks us to consider the big questions facing human movement. How can we increase global travel without polluting our planet? How do we bring people from different countries closer together? What are the challenges to our everyday mobility?

How might we redesign everyday objects to make travelling easier? Curator Brendan Cormier explores how Alex Moulton redesigned the bicycle to make it more compact and portable.​

How might we make our streets safer and more accessible? Curator Brendan Cormier shares how Seiichi Miyake’s design for Tactile Paving Slabs made streets all over the world more accessible.​

How can we support people who are forced to flee from their homes? Pali Palavathanan from digital and branding agency TEMPLO shares how they created a brand for a new charity working with asylum seekers.​

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