V&A Innovate National Schools Challenge

V&A Innovate is a challenge for schools that encourages students to use design thinking approaches and human-centered design methodology. Students are invited to choose from three contextual challenges, inspired by the V&A collections and exhibitions that ask critical questions about the issues shaping our world.

The challenges can be run at any time in the school year and is supported by a collection of videos, downloadable resources and a teacher’s toolkit.

Every Autumn Term the National Schools Challenge is open for entries from teams of Key Stage 3 students. All entries are judged by an industry panel and students are in with a chance of winning awards and prizes for their school. Head to the V&A Innovate National Schools Challenge webpage for more information on the annual contextual challenges and how to enter your students’ ideas.



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GO: how we travel, why and where we go

GO asks us to consider the big questions facing human movement. How can we increase global travel without polluting our planet? How do we bring people from different countries closer together? What are the challenges to our everyday mobility?

How might we redesign everyday objects to make travelling...

EAT: what we eat, how and where it comes from

EAT asks us to explore human food habits. How do we give more people access to affordable, healthy food? What can we do to ensure that our food production is sustainable, and that we aren't wasting or polluting the planet with too much packaging? Can a design idea encourage people to make better food choices?


WEAR: what we wear, how it's made and its impact on the world

WEAR asks us to investigate the issues of the fashion industry. Are we too wasteful, throwing clothes away once they've been worn a few times? Do we care who's making our clothing and how much they're being paid? How does our clothing represent who we are and what we have to say?

What if we could all...

This collection of resources supports teachers to run the V&A Innovate National Schools Challenge with their students. It contains downloadable resources and inspiring videos that will helps students participate in the creative design process needed to approach the 3 design challenges:

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