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Martian Explorers: Investigating the Engineering of the ExoMars Rover

This is a unit of three two hour lessons to consolidate understanding of the specialised materials and mechanisms used on exploration robots. Students build or test, or build and test these to develop knowledge and evaluate them.  These resources are aimed at the 14-16 age group.  The context is focussed on the Rosalind Franklin ExoMars Rover.  

Design and technology curriculum links include: developments in modern and smart materials, composite materials and technical textiles;  how electronic systems provide functionality to products and processes, including sensors and control devices to respond to a variety of inputs, and devices to produce a range of outputs; the use of programmable components to embed functionality into products in order to enhance and customise their operation; and the functions of mechanical devices, to produce different sorts of movement, changing the magnitude and direction of forces. The ExoMars programme is attempting to search for evidence of life on Mars. The programme is a collaboration between the European Space Agency (ESA) and Roscosmos, the Russian space agency.


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