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The Mars Mission: Marvellous Machines

This resource supports learning about the ExoMars rover, which will travel across the Martian surface and drill up to two metres below the surface to collect and analyse samples in the search for evidence of life. These activities support children in finding out how more about the rover and the ExoMars mission. The activities are:


Children work cooperatively to solve a problem. Their challenge is to find ways to transfer materials from one container to another.


Children role -play a rover. They collect samples of various materials using a selection of pretend robotic arm drill tools, observe and describe the samples, before sending back the information to Earth.


Children are introduced to the work of space engineers; they use engineering skills to build a pulley machine that can pick up and transfer samples of Mars soil across a surface. They suggest improvements to their machines. Finally they test the samples for signs of life.

This resource is part of the Mission to Mars collection. They has been provided by ESERO-UK to support teachers in learning about the ExoMars Mission.

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