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This is Engineering: light painter

This resource is an interview with Pavlina - a light painter.

"Pavlina is a globe trotter who is passionate about fashion and expressing her own style. She grew up in Cyprus before studying in America and the UK. Now she is a lighting engineer working for Arup, and has designed lighting for fashion shows, museums and art galleries.

When she was growing up Pavlina wanted to be a dentist, and then a mathematician. But she was always very curious about the world around her, asked questions all the time, and loved art classes. This creativity and curiosity eventually led her to study for a degree in engineering in America, where she also played competitive tennis.

After graduating she moved to the UK to follow her new-found passion for engineering and completed a master’s degree in lighting. She then joined Arup - a company that brings together designers, planners, engineers, and consultants to work on the built environment - because she wanted to see how different disciplines come together to create the buildings and other structures around her.

When she was asked to light a fashion show it opened the door to a completely different industry, and gave her another way to express her love of art and creativity. Now she collaborates with fashion designers to create lighting effects for their shows at events, such as Paris Fashion Week, as well as working with museums and art galleries to create the perfect environments for their exhibitions."

This resource forms part of the This is Engineering campaign.

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