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The Science of Making Stone Age Cheese

Using the context of archaeological science, students investigate the food and diet of the people of Stonehenge and the nearby settlement of Durrington Walls, 4500 years ago. There are opportunities for students to test rates of reactions between milk and acids or enzymes used in cheese making, to consider the effect of processing on lactose content of foods, to evaluate the impact of lactose intolerance  on lifestyle and health, to consider the incidence and evolution of lactose tolerance.

Curriculum links and learning outcomes Learners will be able to:

  • Develop understanding of enzyme controlled reactions
  • Develop practical skills for measuring rates of chemical reactions
  • Develop understanding of food composition and food testing
  • Consider enzyme activity and gene expression within a novel context
  • Develop understanding of working scientifically and enquiry through experimenting with acids and enzymes that curdle milk for cheese making

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