Birmingham: the big bird watch

In this activity, children develop field skills in animal identification and compare extinct animals with their living descendants. They take part in a 20 minute birdwatching survey in their school grounds, identifying and recording different birds that they see. They consider the characteristics of all birds, then compare a modern day bird to a theropod dinosaur and an Archaeopteryx noting similarities and differences.

This resource is part of a larger collection created to support Dippy on Tour: A Natural History Adventure an exploration of the UK's natural history past, present and future. From early 2018 to late 2020 the Natural History Museum's iconic Diplodocus cast, Dippy, is on a Natural History Adventure across the UK. Dippy is a catalyst for exploring different aspects of the natural world along the eight-stop tour to museums and cultural hubs. 

Dippy on Tour is brought to you by the Natural History Museum in partnership with the Garfield Weston Foundation, and supported by DELL EMC and Williams and Hill.

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