Pseudocode Challenge

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This activity, created by Pete Dring and originally published here, contains a resource which is accessed via the web browser (although it is just on the local machine). The web page once loaded contains 20 interactive pseudocode challenges. The student has to work out what the pseudocode program does and then type the correct answer into a text box, this is then checked and whether the student got it right or wrong is shown. If the student gets it right on the first go they get a certain number of points, which decreases on each subsequent attempt, eventually reaching zero. The problems become progressively harder as the challenge progresses. A detailed explanation of pseudocode is included along with answers to the problems, and instructions for how to get this activity up and running on an older Raspberry Pi. In order to access the web based resource, the zip file named needs to be unzipped and then the user should go into the resulting PseudoWar folder and open the index.html file with their browser. A copy of the AQA Specification for their version of Pseudocode is available for download from:

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