Ready Player One - Introducing EMSL aspects of the curriculum

Note - These lessons use the book 'Ready Player One' as a starting point, teachers will need to obtain a copy of the book before using the content, the school library may have a copy that could be used.

This resource consists of a series of lessons looking at various aspects of Ethical, Moral, Social and Environmental Issues surrounding the use of computers.  They give students a grasp of some of the implications and ideas which surround our continued use of technology in ever increasing aspects of our lives. The lessons included in the resource include the following topics: Ethical, Moral and Social implications of Virtual Schools. Keeping Data Safe and Secure. Plagiarism and Copyright. What Data is routinely collected about us and by whom? Environmental Impact of Technology. Health Implications of Technology Use. Consider the Ethical Implications of Computer Use. Although the resource claims to be aimed at Key Stage 3, the content is at a high enough level that this could easily be used with little adaptation, with students in Key Stage 4. Each of the lessons focuses on a different chapter of the book, it would be useful for teachers to acquire a copy of the novel before undertaking these lessons. Although once the film adaptation is released, it may be possible to use video clips of that, to illustrate the points being made.



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    This is excellent! Topical and useful!