Healthy London -pressure on water supplies

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As the London population has grown over time, pressure on water supplies has increased. This lesson, which sets the scene for the unit, considers changing sources of drinking water and the relationship that our domestic use of water has to the water cycle that students will have learned about in primary school. Scientific attitudes, such as developing theories over time, and managing risk, are introduced here.

Learning outcomes

  • Students could evaluate different news items to judge their reliability and objectivity.
  • They should be able to explain how our use of water has expanded as London has grown bigger and that this has led to the need for recycling water from waste water.
  • Students should be able to recall the water cycle and apply the idea to recycling water for domestic use. Students must understand that we all need clean water

to drink in order to stay healthy.

This resource is part of a full set of lessons looking at pure substances and how polluted water can be cleaned and stored found here

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