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A bridge exhibition

Bridges are a huge feature of the River Thames. They also demonstrate important scientific ideas, and show how technology and engineering have evolved. An exhibition about bridges will be very welcome in local primary schools, or by younger or other year groups in your school, especially if the components are built...

Active London

The purpose of this lesson is for students to understand the skeletal and muscular systems of the body, such as the mechanics of how the body moves, using London’ s sporting and active life as a stimulus.They will learn about the levels and types of exercise that support good health and how that varies from person...

Best energy source for London buses

In this lesson students investigate different fuels both practically and as a research project. This includes energy output, ease of combustion, the cost to environment in extraction, economic cost, ease of delivery and related factors.

Learning outcomes:

  • Students could calculate the energy...

Bridging the river

London’s bridges are a rich subject for the study of design and technology. They are elegant landmarks that exemplify the best technology of their time and relate closely to the city’s social and economic development. London exists because of the River Thames, however, the river also divides the city, and for many...

Communicating data to others

The ability to communicate ideas clearly is a very important skill for a mathematician to have.

Learning outcomes

  • Students could be able to construct and interpret an appropriate graph table, chart or diagram from given data; will have clearly explained what their data...


Many patients that present in A&E do not have a disease but have become unwell due to the abuse of a substance such as
alcohol. In this lesson, students learn the effects of recreational drugs and also how hospitals tackle this. A link is made back to the first lesson in order to consider infection control...

Engineering the future of the barrier

In activity, students produce an Engineering ‘specification’ based on application of their science and mathematics knowledge and understanding. This will be put into the context of risks to London from flooding and the need for improved flood defences due to increased risk of higher floods due to rising sea levels...

Explore - A walk from Westminster to Tower Bridge

A walking tour along a stretch of the River Thames between Westminster and Tower Bridge to research the history, technology, design and use of some of the most iconic bridges in the world.

Learning outcomes

  • Students could research by photographing or sketching other features...

Explore - London's transport visit activities

London has evolved into one of the world’s great cities. As more people are attracted to London it is important that its infrastructure develops to cater for its change in size as well as getting its population to think about issues relating to sustainability when they make local journeys.

Learning outcomes...

Explore visits - using maths and science in real life

Learning outcomes

  • Students will have the opportunity to learn about solutions to the problems they have identified and investigate the importance of maths and statistics in future careers.
  • Students could be able to start making decisions about their future career...


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