Looking forward to improved air quality

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In this session, students will establish what is being done to improve air quality and the careers and jobs involved in making this happen. You could ask a member of the Royal Statistical Society to come in and speak to the students about statistics and careers statistics – see External Links.

Learning outcomes

  • Students could be able to explain what the current options for improving air quality are, contrasting their effectiveness and the improvements they are able to bring about, showing where the links with other government policies lie.
  • They should be able to give at least three different examples of what is being done to improve air quality and the corresponding roles of people working in the field, including any links to maths and statistics.
  • Students must be able give at least one example of what is being done to improve the air quality in London and explain the different roles people who are working within this field have, including any links to maths and statistics.

This resource is part of a full set of lessons looking at Healthy London air and using Statistics to analyse real life problems which can be found here 

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