Illuminating London


This learning pack provides many activities from across the curriculum, which are all linked to the topic of light. They all sit within the context of London, but may also be used by schools teaching outside the capital. The pack is designed so that you can pick and choose between the topics, which are:

Lighting up London- designing and making light installations and analysing Light Art.

The Sun and our Solar System- exploring our solar system, creating a fruit solar system model, describing the movement of the Moon and the Earth and explaining why we have day and night.

The Stars of Victorian Theatre- finding out about the theatre in Victorian times, designing and making a model of a Victorian Theatre and writing a play scripts.

Light and Growing- mapping shadows in the playground, investigating the role of light in seed germination and plant growth.

Light in Religious Festivals- exploring the role of light in religious festivals such as Diwali and Hanukkah.



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