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STEM Learning magazine: secondary and post-16 - summer 2017

In this issue of the STEM Learning magazine Gemma Taylor talks to schools about how they are planning and preparing for the reforms to the design and technology GCSEs.

The magazine also features the following articles:

Get out of the classroom to be better in the classroom: Wayne Jarvis looks at how learning experiences out of the classroom for teachers and technicians can be just as important as learning experiences for their students.

Telling the story… Using labour market information to show the importance of STEM study: Kaye Twomlow tells us how using labour market information can bring the local jobs landscape to life (and where to find it).

Data logging – come on there’s nothing to be afraid of!: Helen Rose gives us advice and tips about rediscovering data logging.

Gain a unique insight: Lewis Hutchinson gives the details about how his STEM Insight placement has helped him enthuse his students about STEM careers.

Supporting your mathematics department: Steve Lyon suggests how we can support our mathematics departments in the current period of change.

Getting to grips with genomics: Alice Overton-Smith explores how you can bring genomics and biotechnology into the classroom.

Strategic use of CPD: Fran Dainty looks at how a more strategic use of CPD can help staff at every stage of their career to be empowered and inspired and supporting their students to aim high.

The magazine ends with a listing of our high quality CPD courses. 

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