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Designed for students who have advanced through Scratch and are ready for additional challenge, this resource explores Build Your Own Blocks (BYOB) as a tool for learning modular programming using procedures. 

After examining, briefly, the history of the computer and the Turing Test as a measure of their improving artificial intelligence, students learn other fundamentals such as binary representation and the role of the processor. 

Soon they embark on a series of programming projects, each fully supported with screencast videos, that build computational thinking skills such as generalisation, pattern recognition and decomposition. The projects cover:

  • Sprite interaction
  • Parallel and sequential instructions
  • Event-driven programming
  • Capturing and validating input
  • Making decisions with nested and complex conditionals
  • Random Numbers
  • Using procedures to solve sub-problems

The accompanying student workbook provides opportunities for assessment of understanding, going beyond teacher-observation of coded solutions. 

All resources required to complete the projects are provided in full.

Snap! is an online version of BYOB which avoids the need for installtion of software. 

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