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Science of Healthy Skin

This resource aimed at older primary children, covers many aspects of working scientifically whilst learning about materials and their properties. The learning is based upon actual processes used in an industry which researches, develops and produces ingredients for a wide variety of applications. Letters from people working in the companies set up a problem for children to solve through observing and testing, they then report back with their conclusions. The nine activities are organised into three themes which are:

Fleece to Grease: Based upon the extraction of lanolin from wool grease, activities include testing immiscible liquids, investigating the effects of adding detergent to produce emulsions and producing and testing the effect of viscosity upon pastilles.

Fun with Foam: Develop a method for producing and measuring foam, make and test their own bubble bath choosing ingredients because of their specific properties.

Safe in the Sun: Learn that some materials must be physically changed to enable them to be used as ingredients in sun care products and that a different level of UV protection is provided by using different types and amounts of ingredients in sunscreen. Test a series of sunscreen products and rank in order of protection level. This package was sponsored by CRODA and developed by the Centre for Industry Education Collaboration, (CIEC).

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