This problem features a coil of tinplate being stored on a mandrel. In the first problem, students are presented with the diameter of the mandrel, the height from the floor, the width of the coil and the density of the steel. The problem is to calculate the maximum coil weight. A worked solution is included with the problem. The follow up activity asks students to calculate the percentage increase in weight if the height of the mandrel is increased by 10% Students need to be able to calculate the area of a circle and the volume of a cylinder and work with percentages. Problem two gives the thickness of the tinplate and asks students to calculate the length of the coil. Students are required to use the fact that the volume can be calculated in two different ways: by considering the volume of a cylinder and secondly by considering the tin plate laid out as a very thin cuboid. A worked solution is included. Extra exercises require students to repeat problem two for different thicknesses of tinplate and to produce a general solution for the length of coil.

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