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ATV – Georges Lemaitres

This video explains how Lemaître theory of the Big Bang explained the measurements made from the early 20th Century until today. The presenter, Anu Ojha, explains how different elements have different spectra because of the changes in energy levels of the electrons in the atoms. Spectroscopy of many nebulae show a redshift, showing that the object is moving away from us. Measurements of this redshift can give a measurement of the speed of recession. This leads on to a measurement of the age of the universe. More recent measurements show that the universe is not only expanding but accelerating. One of the Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATV) is named after Georges Lemaître. ATV is an expendable, pressurised unmanned resupply spacecraft designed to supply the International Space Station (ISS) with propellant, water, air, payloads, and experiments.

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