Morse Code Key

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This resource from Boxford describes the manufacture and electrical circuit of a Morse code transmitter. It includes CAD files for all of the manufactured parts required and pictures of the assembled product. The transmitter is manufactured from hardwood using a CNC router. It includes brass furnishings that could be manufactured using a CNC lathe or bought-in as manufactured parts. The device uses a simple electrical circuit containing a battery, switch, LED and buzzer, connected with a terminal block. The components are held in recesses machined into the rear of the hardwood component. Pictures illustrate how the components can be attached together. The resource includes worksheets giving the Morse code alphabet, and a series of sheets with messages that could be transmitted between learners. Curriculum links include the use of CAM machines to manufacture products, and integrating electrical circuits into products. There is also the potential to deliver this as a cross curricular project with history.

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