In this activity students are introduced the idea of Plausible Estimation (PE). PE underpins major decisions made in private and public lives. PE tasks allow students to appreciate how powerful simple mathematics can be when making decisions about important topics by solving problems faced by aid agencies, government planning agencies and salesmen. This resource can be used as a set of self-contained activities to develop PE skills in students, or a collection of activities to illustrate the power of simple mathematics to inform important decisions. Examples of questions students will face are: • When will the world’s oil reserves run out? • How much land would be needed to build a wind farm to supply 25% of London’s electricity? • If the sea level rises by 50 cm, how many people will be homeless in Bangladesh and London? • What will be the population of Europe in 2020? • An earthquake destroys Istanbul – how many people are homeless, how much water, food and housing is needed, and how long will it take you to get it all there? • What would it cost to give every pensioner another £10 per week? • Can I afford to run a car? To use this resource: • download the zip file • extract all of the files • run the start file

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