Defying Gravity

The 2013 Institute of Physics Schools Lecture - Defying Gravity: Laura Thomas, an independent science communicator with a background in astrophysics, talks about the physics of space flight. She explains how studying physics and mathematics could help towards a career in space. Magnets in space: The astronaut, Richard Garriott demonstrates how magnets behave on the International Space Station, the properties of magnets and how compass needles line up with the Earth's magnetic field. Angular momentum: Richard Garriott in microgravity demonstrating the conservation of angular momentum Momentum in space: Richard Garriott shows the conservation of momentum carried out on the International Space Station. When two tennis balls collide, the total momentum of the system before and after the collision remains constant. Fluids in space: Richard Garriott shows the movement of fluids in space due to the action of surface tension. Gravity shift: a video installation created by artist Nic Sandiland which explores how perceptions of gravity depends on viewpoint. Getting into orbit: A clip from the schools lecture, linking projectile to orbital motion and can be used as an introduction to the topic of satellites. The Earth from space: A clip from the schools lecture, looking at how the Earth appears from different places in the solar system.



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